Friday, August 11, 2006

The best worst ad ever

The last year of the dot com boom was big for Madison Avenue. That year's Super Bowl had one creative standout, one of the most innovative and sweetly funny ads ever conceived. Everybody who saw it remembers it for its pure brilliance. Watch:

So why is this the best worst ad ever? It did nothing for sales. It was brilliant creatively, but the client is subsumed within its genius. It's a high-minded concept, the kind that wins the creme de la creme of the creative awards. But we're in the business of growing our client's business, not our own glory. On that count, this is an abject failure.

I still love to watch it, though.


Doug Hoffman said...

It may not have done much for sales, but my family and I have watched it three times now.

At least I remember the company's name, now. EDS, whatever that stands for.

rlo said...

You posted this on August 11; it's October 5 now and the ad's not up anymore. What was the ad for? I wouldn't mind trying to track it down elsewhere.

Jill said...

The ad, brilliant as it was, was for an outfit named EDS. Thay've since taken it down, but the concept of herdig cats is one with long legs. Had it gotten more placement and better name imprint, it might have gone far. All the same, I think some of our greatest creative geniuses are in the business of hawking product as best they can, while maintaining a semblance of creativity. This ad is a case ih point. Imagine if such a mind devoted itself to world hunger.