Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Addicted to Learning

One of my favorite sites is Creating Passionate Users. There are several contributors, but Kathy Sierra is particularly insightful and inspiring. Her latest post, is all about the fun of mastering something new.

Remember, learning is like a drug to the brain (actually, it is a drug). The best user experiences--combined with a clear path to greater expertise and the promise of more time in flow--are like a healthier, happier form of crack.
She reminded me why I love what I do so much. As a writer, I am constantly learning. Doing this within the discipline of strategic thinking and creative execution adds another dimension that keeps my work constantly challenging.

As a college student, I was addicted to learning. A good liberal arts education prepares you for a lifetime of learning because it trains you to make connections (the core skill behind the conceptual process). For me, it really was a "healthier, happier form of crack."

Becoming a writer was a natural extension of the academic experience. I can lose myself in researching and integrating vast amounts of new information. The work of interpreting that knowledge into effective, engaging communication is often pure joy for me.

If, as Hugh MacLeod says, creativity is when work and play are the same thing, then combining creativity with the total immersion of mastering new information has to be the most rewarding way to make a living.