Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Future Is Here: AutoBlogger

Blogging can get to be a real drag. You know, every day, coming up with some new thing to keep the masses of faithful readers satisfied. Believe it or not, it takes a minute or two every day for me to come up with the clever bits of effluvia I share with you on a regular basis. That's a minute or two I don't get back. Not ever.

It's becoming quite a sacrifice on my part, so that's why I'm considering switching to AutoBlogger.
autoblogger video grab image
For a fee, AutoBlogger will scan your blog and assess the nature of your content and get a handle on your unique writing style. Then, when you (read I) don't feel like coming up with some clever bon mot for the aforementioned masses' edification and education, you (again, I) can just plug in AutoBlogger, and voila. A blog entry. Written as if by your (my, again) own pretty princess self (or prince, if you're estrogen challenged).

Click the link above to see a touching and seductively convincing streaming video commercial in the testimonial style. Look around the site a bit and you'll find testimonials from some of www's preeminent bloggers. It's made a believer of me.

I wish I could find an outfit that could do the same thing for writing copy. That can get pretty draining too, you know. Coming up with brilliant new ideas and translating them into actionable, memorable, endearing, enduring words. Frankly, it can wear a body out.

If I could submit my portfolio to (as yet non-existent) AutoCopywriter, I could get more work done without any of that tiring concepting, writing and editing and editing and editing. Isn't that the American way? I'd firmly place myself in the ranks of "Management" and leave behind even the slightest taint of "Labor." I like the sound of that. I mean, with the process entirely automated, I could retire, eat bon bons and read trashy novels all day long. No one would ever know it. My clients would be delighted with endless streams of snappy copy, and I wouldn't even have to tell Jonathan. My only work would be cashing enormous checks and picking up the awards. This concept has legs.