Friday, July 01, 2005

In Honor of Independence Day

Blogging will be light over the holiday weekend. I will be contemplating the suchness of freedom, the honor of citizenship and the practical application of community stewardship in third millennium America.

I will also be celebrating my June bugs' birthdays (Jack is 14 and Ellen, 20) with barbecued pork steaks, manna-from-heaven baked beans and Aunt Lucy's Poppy Seed Cake.

To honor this most patriotic of holidays (although Memorial Day gives me goosebumps), here is a link to a collection of firework package artwork.

Like a lot of commercial art, this is a genre that has gone underappreciated for much too long. Artists have to eat, too, and have been lending their talent to commercial endeavors without many kudos. Appreciate away thanks to a heads up via BoingBoing.

Have a great holiday everyone.