Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CBS Blog

CBS may have missed the cable bandwagon, but they're making sure they catch the blog train.

[CBS announces] . . . "Public Eye," a new blog that will create a candid and robust dialogue between CBS News journalists and the public -- a move unprecedented among CBS's peers in broadcast and cable television journalism. "Public Eye" will be edited by veteran reporter and media writer Vaughn Ververs, most recently editor of The Hotline, a daily Web briefing on politics published by the National Journal. Ververs will serve as the conduit between the public and CBS News to take viewers and users inside the news gathering, production and decision-making process via the use of original video and outtakes, interviews with correspondents and producers, and input from independent experts, among other methods. "Public Eye" will debut by late summer.

Looks like a great way to start a conversation. How long before the others follow suit?

Language is a virus

Language is a virus is a new way to play with words that's clean fun for the whole family.