Sunday, May 29, 2005


We are pregnant with website and due any day now. It will have a "Philosophy" section as follows:

At Cambium Creative, we're committed to being committed. We’re not interested in getting by or making do, but in working with passion. Working with passion is more than self-satisfaction, because passion inevitably shows in the quality of the work.

Integrity is non-negotiable in matters large and small.

We are committed to creating a culture that nurtures growth of all kinds in a climate of mutual respect and tolerance. While money can be made without compassion and humor, a good life cannot. Our goal is to make Cambium Creative a joyful enterprise for everyone connected to it.

When we accept a client, we are being entrusted with nurturing someone else’s dream. This is no small matter. Unless their challenges become our own, and their success every bit as important as our own, we will have failed. As humans, we will have failures, but on this point, we will consistently excel.

And finally, may we always remember that bottom lines are not numbers, but people.