Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September's Website of the Month: Word Spy

In our continuing effort to stay abreast of the latest in the ever-changing world of linguistics, please note our September Website of the Month, Word Spy.

This website is devoted to lexpionage, the sleuthing of new words and phrases. These aren't "stunt words" or "sniglets," but new terms that have appeared multiple times in newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, and other recorded sources.

For those of us who love us some good words, The Word Spy is quite a find. Examples of language creation, intelligent design and evolution all peacefully coexist in a cyber world where terms like "stunt words" and "lexpionage" take up the same amount of space at the dinner table as their more established cousins. After all, when dressing for a fine word salad, a well-fitting cap of stylish expressions is the perfect finish for the sartorially-minded gentlewoman's lexicon.