Sunday, March 26, 2006

The wisdom of the fart joke

Wisdom for the ages from Jason Santa Maria:

Before we get into the thick of it, consider one more thing: design is not about innovation. Design is about communication. Innovation in design is usually a wonderful byproduct or direct result of a particular need. Design that seeks to foremost be innovative will commonly fall apart under its own stylistic girth.
That's among the best creative advice I've ever read. We all want to be clever and smart. It feels so good, and the rewards are enormous. When your livelihood rests on the continuous flow of creativity, it's a pressure no one knows but them what knows.

That's why "design is not about innovation" is so important. The same can be said for writing. Writing is not about innovation. It's incredible, ethereal even, when writing becomes innovative. The writing levitates and gets you high. But the communication must come first. Levitation is a wonderful by-product. It's the O, but communication is the sex.

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