Tuesday, May 24, 2005

On Naked Cows, French Kissing, Passion and the Suchness of Nurturance, Excitement & Experience

The picture above is aprapos of nothing. In our business, it's called borrowed interest. We're hoping our readers see the big breasted cow and stay long enough to read this stuff. It's not a great technique, but it has its place.

Jonathan came over tonight and we were talking about what we want to say on our website about our philosophy. Following is a somewhat disjointed, stream-of-consciousness account of our discussion.

Do good work. Have happy clients.

Well, yeah. What else?

What about the passion we bring to it? The others will politely peck you, we will look into your lipid pools and kiss deeeeply, with Parisian passionnnnnnnn, oo oo la la.

Gotta have the passion. We don't want this second act to be like the first. Put out to pasture and become one of the bottom feeders? No thank you. The world is ripe for new thinking. We're ripe for it, too. Shakespeare said "Ripeness is all."

Circular thinking follows. How about a foundation of red-hot enthusiasm? A suchness of love and nurturance and excitement and experience. An experiment only we can perform? An experiment of the Jon and Jill Show--the Jew and the Gentile Making Peace in the Middle West. Sow passion. Reap [to be announced]

Blogging a brain storm. Yes it can be done.

Watch this space for further developments.

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