Friday, April 29, 2005

High Fashion Scrubbing Pad Headwear

Phillip Treacle Brillo Hat, originally uploaded by Jill.y.

Clever Marketing Ploy.

How much do you suppose the Brillo company paid Phillip Treacle to feature their product so prominently on one of his haute couture hats? Phillip Treacle is much-loved by the upper crust in England for his flights of fancy that perch atop one's skull. In fact, he designed Camilla's chapeau for her recent wedding to that wacky chap Chas.

As an ugly American who recently visited Britain, I noted how uniformly conservative most people dressed. Albeit, we were in rural Yorkshire for the most part, but even in York, you didn't see as much personal expression as is fairly common here, even in the Midwest.

That said, explain to me these fantasmagoric hats Englishwomen are so fond of? They are independent of gravity, reminding one of a flock of seaguls taking flight as they are chased by a pack of rabid sheepdogs.

Does it make you want to scrub pots with your head? Me too.

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